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Fishing Report Week Of June 19, 2018

Fishing has been good first thing in morning or late at night, if you are planning to fish during the day go deep at least 25 feet of water, the water temperature has hit 86 degrees so do not expect much in shallow waters, the fish are looking for cooler water and cover. Sharks have been coming in at a nice pace just go out a few miles like 5 and use some chum and they will come. Seatrout first thing in morning and the same for reds this pass weekend we went pass a group of at least 25 Reds and they wanted nothing to do with us, we tried everything from Greenback to cut bait and shrimp the water was just too warm for them. We have been seeing a lot of Cobia out in 25 feet of water and some really good size as you can see from photo. So, to end the report fish early or late if you can not do that fish deep a few miles offshore but check the weather and wind before you head out. I also want to tell everyone about a new company that is opening up it…

Fishing Report Week Of June 6th

Despite the last few days of fast moving storms, windy conditions and slow tidal movement the bite has not been to bad. Getting out of the wind and finding clean moving water will be the key to success. Not everyone can fish all day every day so maximize your time on the water. Look for areas that are likely to hold the species you are targeting.
Keep in mind how a particular species feeds and present your bait of choice in an appropriate manner. If the tailing bronze bombers are on the menu, look for areas that have structure. Mangrove prop roots, oyster bars, docks and piers are all good areas to focus in on. Reds are inferior feeders, meaning there lower jaw is recessed. The best way to present your baits are on the bottom or in there face.
On the opposite side of the feeding spectrum you have snook. They are superior feeders, having a lower jaw that protrudes past the upper jaw. When a snook hits your bait, there jaw opens wide and fast sucking it in whole. This creates that popping…